Can you imagine a world where love TRUMPED anger? Where politicians weren’t just emailing it in? And where everyone felt the BERN?

That world is closer than you think…


Paul E. Amori – Candidate for Mayor of Los Angels

My name is Paul E. Amori and I stand before you today to ask you a simple question, “Where is the love?”

Why I Am Running for Mayor of Los Angeles

I’m running for Mayor of Los Angeles because I believe that today more than ever we need to find that love.

That’s why the Vote 4 Love campaign practices Heart First Politics that spread the love rather than smearing it and answer anger and hatred with love and compassion.

The Vote 4 Love Party poses the question, what does policy creation and execution look like when the conversation of love is brought forth? How do we as a governing body solve real world problems though love?

That is why you will never hear me say anything negative about my so called “opponents” (or “other candidates”).

Because let’s face it, when you strip away the anger and the name calling all that’s left is a discourse on the issues and how we can solve them by coming together.

The Vote 4 Love campaign is also committed to dramatically raising the bar on voter turn out.

With less than 20% of registered voters expected to turn out for LA’s 2017 mayoral election we can’t help but wonder, why aren’t people feeling the love.

The answer, we believe, is that the good citizens of our fair city do not feel heard or empowered, in turn they don’t feel connected to the politicians who are supposed to be representing them.

The Vote 4 Love Campaign will put the people first by digging deep into communities all across Los Angeles to find out what issues are most important to them and what they want from their elected officials.

We hope that citizens will not just vote 4 love, but also love their vote by casting their ballots on March 7th.

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