For most people, the words Los Angeles and Hollywood are synonymous with entertainment. In fact we are known as the Entertainment Capital of the world. But the reality is L.A. has been increasingly losing motion picture and television productions to other states and countries since 2002. Not so long ago over 80% of TV series were filmed here in Los Angeles, these days it’s down to less than 40%.

Why is this? Simply put we are not giving the motion picture and TV industry enough love in the form of tax incentives, which puts us at a competitive disadvantage because other states have made a concerted effort to create an attractive environment for film and television production.

What few incentives Los Angeles does offer carry stiff restrictions and qualifications and usually excludes wages paid to production crews. To add salt to the wound commercial filmmakers are completely excluded from any tax incentives. It’s not right and it hurts our economy and not just directly; industry activity also impacts our economy indirectly through the businesses that supply to the entertainment industry such as caterers, florists, dry cleaners and so on.

The motion picture industry does not just provide jobs to our residents; it is a key component in the Los Angeles County economic engine making a significant contribution to our local economy. I want to return the film and TV industry to the Golden Days of Hollywood by making Los Angeles a production-friendly city once again. By lowering and waiving fees, creating an easier permitting process, and keeping our incentives competitive and stable I believe we can bring the magic of film back to Los Angeles and turn what’s become a sad situation into a Hollywood happy ending.




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